How To Get Health Insurance

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Purchasing a private health insurance policy can be quick, but finding the right one that meets your health needs and budget requires more effort. For your approach to work for you, it must be tailored to your specific situation. For instance, consider if dental care is included or if there is a 24-hour helpline for stress-related concerns. Additionally, you may want to explore how each insurer handles cancer claims and what kind of support they offer.

We can guide you through finding the right policy by providing expert advice over the phone. However, here are the four common ways to obtain health insurance:

Direct purchase

One can find health insurer’s ads online, offering a variety of comprehensive policies with different benefits and coverage. However, as these products are complex, it can be challenging to compare without expert knowledge.

Health insurance comparison websites

These online tools can help compare basic cover and additional benefits. However, they could be more comprehensive in factoring in individual details.

Insurance brokers

Financial advisers can assist in finding the right policy, but it’s essential to choose a regulated broker who can give advice based on an in-depth understanding of your situation. Some brokers offer a policy without making a recommendation.

Employer-provided health insurance

If your employer offers private health insurance, you may be able to keep the policy if you change employers, or you may choose to switch to another health insurer.

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