Family Health Insurance
Your family is precious and there is no better way to protect them than with the best health insurance on the market. We can help you find the best quotes, helping to protect you and your family.

Family health insurance is the perfect way to make sure your whole family receives the care that you want without the complication of dealing with multiple policies.

Family health insurance plans

Family health care insurance plans cover the costs of private healthcare for your whole family under one policy. The policies usually cover those of your family who live in the same household. Most providers will offer you a single policy with the same inclusions, exclusions and underwriting for each family member, subject to the policy’s terms and conditions.

How is this different to normal health insurance?

Most healthcare insurance policies are designed to cover a single person, and the benefits and premiums are chosen on an individual requirement. This is not the case for a family policy
which covers multiple people.

When you purchase family health insurance, everyone included in the policy must access the same level of cover and policy options in most cases.

This is sometimes the cheapest way to ensure everyone is covered, and as a result, it is seen as far more affordable by most. This is compared to having multiple individual policies, especially when more than one child will be included in the policy.

What are the benefits of family health insurance plans?

One of the main benefits, as mentioned above, is that the policy is usually cheaper than it would be to be insured individually. There are also some provider-specific benefits:

Things you need to consider when looking at family cover

When looking at whether you want to purchase a family health insurance there are a few things that need to be considered that you might not need to think about when looking at other types of policies.

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