How Can You Be Sure We Are Impartial?

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This is a great question, and as a regulated insurance broker, we believe in providing impartial advice to our customers. Our business is built on transparency, fairness, and clarity, and we strive to instil complete confidence in our customers regarding our Winfield & Smith Health Insurance Advice. We understand that you will depend on our recommendations when claiming your policy.

We are transparent in our recommendations and offer free advice. We do not receive any payment from the insurers we work with until a policy is sold, so our health consultants do not benefit from recommending one policy over another. Our focus is solely on meeting your needs.

Additionally, none of our healthcare consultants receives a commission oriented towards a specific policy.

Our healthcare consultants are not paid individual commissions and are instead salaried employees. They are highly-trained, committed individuals who genuinely care about the recommendations they make.
We listen to your needs and compare and contrast policies to find the right fit for your situation. We have close relationships with their underwriters to ensure our team of healthcare experts can have one-on-one conversations.

We are committed to winning your confidence and have expanded our provider range to include Aviva, Axa Health, Bupa, and Vitality, all of whom offer 5-star Defaqto-rated policies. We understand that every policy is different, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about the providers we work with.

In summary, we are a regulated insurance broker that provides impartial advice and operates on transparency, fairness, and clarity principles. We do not bias our recommendations, and none of our healthcare consultants receives a commission for a specific policy.

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