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Congratulations on purchasing a private medical insurance policy. This decision is a significant step towards ensuring peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones. However, have you considered whether the policy you purchased will meet all your expectations in case of a claim?

Suppose you based your policy choice solely on premiums or purchased from a non-advised distributor who only provides information without a recommendation. In that case, you may need to fully understand the policy’s terms and conditions and the claims process. Additionally, you may not have yet received whether you are getting maximum value for the price you paid.

To ensure that you have purchased the most suitable insurance policy, it’s crucial to seek advice from an expert advisor. An advisor can thoroughly assess your personal requirements and medical history, recommending the best approach based on your needs and budget.

Each insurer will have different product covers, underwriting rules for assessing pre-existing conditions, consultant and hospital lists, and approaches to reimbursement, making it essential to have an expert’s guidance.

Many people have been disappointed when their claim is declined, payment is limited due to the medical condition being excluded as a pre-existing condition, or because they need to understand the policy’s restrictions when purchasing it.

Why use Winfield & Smith Insurance Advice?

Winfield & Smith Insurance Brokers is a specialist broker that compares health insurance products from the top four medical insurers, Aviva, AXA, BUPA, and Vitality Health. Our professional advisors can provide the best advice and true peace of mind by guiding you towards the best policy for your needs and budget. Check out our Trustpilot ratings to see what our customers say about us, and contact us today to receive expert advice.

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