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With the staggering surge in Range Rover thefts, reported to be around 5,200 across the UK in 2022, it’s crucial for owners to elevate the protective measures for their high-value vehicles. Range Rovers are not merely sought for their entirety but are frequently disassembled for parts to satiate international demands, particularly in Eastern Europe and Africa. Infield and Smith Insurance delves deeper into proactive safety measures, rendering a more nuanced understanding of each, thereby safeguarding your prized possession.

Understanding the Thefts:

Range Rovers are often targeted by criminals connected to larger networks, to fulfil the soaring demand for high-value vehicles in various international markets. The disassembled high-tech parts are subsequently shipped abroad, leaving the remnants either destroyed or traded for substantial sums.

Securing Your Asset: Proactive Steps to Protection

1. Steering Wheel Lock:
  • A visual deterrent that creates an additional hurdle for thieves, making your car a less attractive target.
2. Wheel Clamp:
  • A conspicuous and effective tool, available at affordable prices, acting as a substantial deterrent.
3. Faraday Bag:
  • A signal-blocking pouch preventing keyless car theft by blocking the signals from the key once locked inside. These are pivotal in mitigating the risks of hacking and are readily available online.
4. Ghost Immobiliser:
  • These provide an advanced layer of protection against key cloning, hacking, and unauthorised entry, ensuring enhanced security for your vehicle.
5. Audible Alarm System:
  • Emitting loud noises attracting immediate attention and serving as an effective deterrent, these can be customised to link to your car’s horn.
6. GPS Tracking System:
  • This wireless technology is a formidable ally in locating stolen vehicles and is highly recommended as a worthwhile investment for both new and existing cars.
7. Off-road Parking:
  • Given the astronomical theft rate, securing off-road parking or garage facilities has become a prerequisite for insuring Range Rovers.

Enhancing Security with Infield and Smith Insurance:

Infield and Smith Insurance, with an extensive history of catering to speciality cars, offers intricate insight into motor insurance, ensuring your Range Rovers are afforded optimal protection. Our experts are available for detailed consultations to address any queries or concerns about vehicle safety and to provide bespoke insurance solutions.


Q: Why are Range Rovers predominantly targeted for thefts? A: They are targeted due to their high value and the international demand for their parts, primarily in Eastern Europe and Africa.

Q: How does a Faraday bag contribute to vehicle safety? A: It blocks the signals from the key, preventing keyless car theft and reducing the risk of hacking and unauthorized access.

Q: Can a GPS tracking system aid in the recovery of stolen vehicles? A: Absolutely. It’s one of the most effective technologies for retrieving stolen vehicles by detecting their location in real-time.

Q: Is off-road parking essential for insuring Range Rovers? A: Yes, due to the high theft rate of Range Rovers, having off-road parking or a garage has become almost mandatory for acquiring insurance.

Q: How can Infield and Smith Insurance assist Range Rover owners? A: We provide specialized consultations and bespoke insurance solutions, addressing specific concerns and queries about vehicle safety and protection.


In the face of escalating thefts, reinforcing the security of your Range Rovers is indispensable. By integrating advanced protective measures and consulting with insurance experts like Infield and Smith Insurance, you can navigate the complexities of vehicle safety, ensuring your premium vehicles are shielded from unprecedented risks.

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