Senior Health Insurance
We believe there should be no age limits on looking after your health

You can still get health insurance if you are over 65. It is simply health insurance that is tailored to an older age bracket. The older you get, the riskier it is for insurance providers to cover you, but many still offer specialist policies.

When you turn 65 health insurance tends to get more expensive because you are far more likely to fall. But as you get older getting a fast diagnosis and treatment can make all the difference when it comes to making a successful recovery.

The benefits of getting life insurance once you are over 65 are extremely similar to the benefits of getting health insurance at any age. This is the same for when choosing how much cover you wish to have. The higher the cover the higher the premium will be.

Upper age limits and health insurance

Medical insurance providers for those over the age of 65 sometimes set an upper age limit on some of the policies. This means that you may require a new approach altogether once you hit higher ages. For example, if the policy does not insure people over 70, on your 70thbirthday, if you still want to be covered, you would need to find a new plan. Some insurers do not have age limits, but this is something to be aware of when you purchase a policy.

Comparing your options

When looking at policies for over 65s, we suggest that the main two factors you look at are what is covered as part of the policy and what you can afford. It is essential to consider what you want to cover as you get older such as joint replacements or heart conditions, as there is more to consider as you get older.

We suggest you only include the things you want to be treated privately in your policy to keep prices low.

It should also be noted that if you have a healthy lifestyle, you are more likely to pay a lower premium. Non-smokers and active people with lower body mass indexes are likely to get the best deals. Some insurers may want to complete a medical examination before you can purchase specific policies to see how healthy and fit you are.

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